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    Parfuma's anti-jetlag tips

    Traveling by plane is super fun, but it can also be very tiring. The air in an airplane dries out our skin enormously. We're here with our tips and favorite products, so you step off the plane with a radiant and healthy complexion, no matter where you're flying to. Enjoy you...
  • 8 tips for a stunning self tan

    Whether you are a fake tan newbie or you just want to perfect your tanning routine, with our self tan essentials and tips, you will become a bronzed god(dess) in no time!
  • How to repair damaged hair?

    Split ends, hair loss, tangles ... these are visible signs that your hair is damaged and is in urgent need of proper care. Are you frustrated about it? Then Parfuma has good news. With some extra attention, love and the right products your dry hair will definitely become a t...