8 tips for a stunning self tan

Whether you are a fake tan newbie or you just want to perfect your tanning routine, with our self tan essentials and tips, you will become a bronzed god(dess) in no time!


TIP 1: Prep your skin with a scrub

The best way to make your skin self-tan ready is to exfoliate yourself one day beforehand. This will free your skin of dead skin cells and give you an even complexion without streaks. Marie-Stella-Maris' creamy body scrubs soften and moisturize your skin thanks to natural ingredients like apricot kernels and sunflower oil. Ps: your favorite scrub is easy to refill with their refill packaging!


TIP 2: Moisturize your skin with a nourishing cream

Never apply self tanner to a skin that is too dry, you will get spots faster. Moisturize your skin well the day before you apply self tanner and lubricate dry areas such as knuckles and ankles on the day itself. Comfort Zone's Tranquillity Body Cream nourishes your skin and leaves it feeling silky smooth. Its massage-friendly texture makes it perfect to use before applying self tanner. And to de-stress at the end of the day.

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TIP 3: Wear a tanning mitt or wash your hands often

Say goodbye to edges, smudges and streaks. Wear a tanning mitt to protect your hands or apply the self tanner with your hands. Then wash your hands every few minutes. This way, the self tanner won't have time to develop.


TIP 4: First your face, then the rest

Your face is the easiest to apply self tanner to. Give your skin time to develop the self tanner and don't apply multiple coats in quick succession. Build up is key. Turn your moisturizer into a customized self tanner with the face drops from TAN-LUXE. You can mix them for example with Shiseido's WASO Shikulime Mega Hydrating Moisturizer and enjoy a beautiful, even tan.


TIP 5: Scared of self tan? Build up with drops

Coat your face with a self tanner made for the face. That way you have less chance of a rash and you can build up easily. A youthful glow guaranteed. With the TAN-LUXE face drops transforms your favorite moisturizer, serum or facial oil into a customized self tanner. Per drop, the face starts to look browner. Super fast and easy!


TIP 6: Start with your feed and finish with your arms

Become a real tan expert by applying your self tanner from bottom to top and do your arms last. This way you won't have to bend forward and avoid streaks. Just wait until you see that beautifully even complexion! The Water by TAN-LUXE has an apply-and-go formula with no setting time. This quick-drying, translucent formula means you can literally apply and go, developing a radiant glow in just 2-4 hours. No streaks. No odors. No drama.

TIP 7: Moisturize your skin after application

Moisturize the edges of your hands and feet after you apply the self tanner. This will help you avoid lines and blend the edge of the self tanner nicely with the palms of your hands and feet. Lancaster sun 365 self tanning jelly. This refreshing tinted gel is easy to apply evenly and instantly gives skin the beauty of a bronzed finish.


TIP 8: Let your skin dry for at least 6 hours

The self tanner needs time to soak in and develop. This is where it usually goes wrong! By being exposed to water, oil, … the self tanner doesn't soak in properly so you often don't get the results you expected. So waiting is the message. Clarins Self Tanning Milky Lotion instantly provides a golden "complexion" that looks amazingly natural. The milky texture smells like vacation and melts instantly on the skin so summer lasts all year long!