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    How to beat the monday blues

    Though Blue Monday isn't really a scientific thing, many people can relate to this gloomy Monday feeling. Question is: How do you beat the Monday blues? We'll give you some of our tips on how to shake off those feelings, because new year, new me. Right?
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    Gift guide for tranquillity and relaxation

    From hydrating skincare products to intimate wellness experiences that truly take relaxation to the next level, a pampering gift is the type of gift everyone loves, regardless of the occasion. To help you in your search for a cozy and oh-so-wonderful gift, Parfuma went looki...
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    Get Maude for mor tension in the bedroom

    Believe it or not: you're never done with desire and experimenting when it comes to sex. Are you up for something new in the bedroom? Then you've come to the right place, because with Maude's intimate wellness you'll experience thrilling adventures with your partner or just ...