The ultimate TAN-LUXE guide: find your match

TAN-LUXE is Parfuma's bestselling brand in the field of self-tanners. The brand distinguishes itself from others by offering tailor-made self-tanners. Need a tan quickly? Do you prefer it natural? Or are you looking for something that is easy to use? With TAN-LUXE you will find your match.


For daily use:

Our choice: Super Glow

Benefits: Gives a hydration boost and a gradual tan and glow. Protects against external influences and has an anti-ageing effect.
Use: Apply as serum or primer to the face. Use as needed to build up the color.
Intensity: ★★


Glow à la minute:

Our choice: Instant Hero

Benefits: Immediately a tanned complexion that remains visible for up to 24 hours and iseasily washed off in the shower.
Use: Apply in circular movements with sponge applicator (included). Dries immediately and does not stain! Can be used daily.
Intensity: ★★★★★


Transparant tanning:

Our choice: The Water

Benefits: Moisturizing self-tanner that does not rub off on clothing and is easy to apply thanks to its ultra-fine mist.
Use: Spray on dry skin and blend lightly with a self-tanning glove. Wash your hands after use.
Intensity: ★★★★

Tip: Wash your hands thoroughly after using a selftanning product. This is because self-tanners stick to dead skin cells, including calluses on your hands.


Anti-aging selftan:

Our choice: The Face Anti Age

Benefits: Transforms your moisturizer, serum or oil into an anti-aging self-tanner.
Use: Determine the intensity by mixing 2 to 12 drops with your cream, serum or oil.
Intensity: ★★★★


Gradual tan:

Our choice: The Butter

Benefits: A rich, nourishing and gradual self-tanning with beloved ingredients such as Vitamin E, raspberry seed oil, coconut oil and shea butter.
Use: Apply over body, hands, elbows and feet. Within 4 hours you will have a beautiful complexion!
Intensity: ★★★

Remove selftan:

Our choice: Glyco Water

A musthave for a flawless tan! With the Glyco Water you can easily remove residue and prep the skin for a new layer. Spray the product on the skin and lather for five minutes. Then rinse and remove the last residue with a washcloth or scrub glove.


Tip: scrub your skin 24 hours in advance so that all dead skin cells are gone. This way you have a completely even, tan complexion.