New musthaves for a bikini ready body

Are you nervous about showing off your bikini body after hiding it under jeans and sweaters all winter? Don't worry. You're right on schedule because preparing for the sunny months often begins weeks in advance. Perhaps you'll be exercising more, following a modified diet, or buying new clothes, but there are also products that can help you achieve your goals. Keep reading to discover which products you should try for the summer!

Dry Brush:

Dry brushing is loved by many women, and it's no surprise considering the benefits it offers. The concept is simple: before stepping into the shower, take the time to gently exfoliate your body with a brush. This not only gives your body a refreshing boost but also stimulates cell renewal, lymphatic drainage, and blood circulation. Extra nice leading up to the summer months!


Our favorite? The Coucou Dry Brush from The Coucou Club! Make circular and upward motions from your feet towards your heart for smoother, radiant skin.

Skin-firming products:

Your workout may last between 20 minutes and an hour, but in addition to some extra exercise, your skin could also use some firming. The renewed bodyshock® products from mesoestetic give tailor-made body solutions with proven results.

  • mesoestetic-bodyshock-intensive-mist-35ml

    Focus on: belly, waist-line, arms

    Extra result from your intensive running sessions? This mist improves results in "difficult" areas such as abdomen and hips.

  • mesoestetic-bodyshock-celluxpert-200ml

    Focus on: legs, hips, bums

    Formation of cellulite and orange peel skin? NO WAY! Fact: The massage head has a mini glass roller, which ensures better absorption of the active ingredients + extra massage time.

  • mesoestetic-bodyshock-firmup-150ml

    Focus on: arms, thighs, breasts

    Need firming? Fact: The massage roller ensures a better absorption of the active ingredients + extra massage time.

  • mesoestetic-bodyshock-essential-cream-250ml

    Focus on: full body

    Who says no to extra hydration and protection? The intelligent formula adapts to each skin area according to its needs and prevents the formation of stretch marks.

Don't forget your foot care...

One thing you might overlook is taking care of your feet. Don't! Your feet need to be regularly scrubbed, exfoliated, and moisturized too! Treat your feet to a soothing balm from Pronails and give your nails a fresh look with the Green Nail Polish from Manucurist. With these products, you'll get your feet ready for the upcoming sunny days.

Did you know...

We offer an effective bodyshock treatment in our Skin Expertise Center, 100% customized to your needs. Cellulite, limpness, stretch marks, ... are all taken care of. Ideal in combination with the supporting products for at home.



This treatment is specific for body and double chin. Improves collagen and elastin synthesis, stimulates lipolysis and drainage to reduce contour and volume and improve skin texture resulting in a 60% improvement on fat cells. Ideal for cellulite, for firming, push-up, draining and treating a double chin.