Discover the power women behind these 7 beauty brands

Who run the world? Girls! In honor of International Women's Day, we put some extraordinary female founders and their successful brands in the spotlight. Their influence on the beauty world has been groundbreaking since its creation and remains a true source of inspiration for the latest trends today. These 7 beauty brands deserve a place on your must-buy list at Parfuma!


It started with a simple idea, but this quickly turned out to be a worldwide success. Makeup artist Bobbi Brown launched ten flattering lipstick colors in 1991, but the same day the collection was completely sold out! The natural looks she created stood out in times where eye-catching and unnatural beauty was trending. It was the start of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics based on the philosophy that beauty starts with yourself and they are still convinced of that today.

Meanwhile, Bobbi Brown belongs to Estée Lauder Companies, but the products still enhance your true beauty rather than hiding it.


Long before "Clean Beauty" became hot and trending, Jane Iredale founded her own makeup brand jane iredale. As a casting director and producer, she worked closely with actors who were struggling with their skin due to their heavy makeup. So she decided to sell healthy cosmetics that not only look good, but also feel good and are good for your skin. All products are full of minerals and pure ingredients and they are even 100% cruelty-free! Clean Beauty in its purest form.

Did you know that... her Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder was enthusiastically received by skincare professionals due to its calming, high-coverage and protective qualities. Sounds amazing right?


Laura Mercier is a globally known make-up artist and founder of Laura Mercier Cosmetics. She owes her fame thanks to the "Flawless Face" technique: a natural way of make-up that camouflages imperfections and accentuates highlights. Since 1996, her makeup and skincare have inspired women worldwide to embrace their unique beauty and go through life with confident. The iconic Translucent Loose Setting Powder, her beloved Caviar Stick Eye Colour or the Tinted Moisturizer are favorites among beauty lovers for a reason!


Ever heard of Jo Malone London? You probably have because this lifestyle brand can be found in more than 80 countries. The British Jo Malone used to make fragrances with flowers from her garden since she was a child. Later, she started her own perfume brand, Jo Malone London, that reflects the British style in all its glory. Their delicious scented creations are timeless and elegant, but always enriched with a touch of humor and whimsy.

Did you know that you can wear their perfumes alone or together through Fragrance Combining? This way everyone can match and create their own scent according to the mood or occasion you are in!


Estée Lauder started her company in 1946 with four skin care products and one simple principle: that every woman can be beautiful. Armed with that philosophy, plus perseverance, creativity and passion, she changed the face of the cosmetics industry. This ambitious woman proved that anything was possible if only you had the courage to make your dreams come true. In 2004, Estée Lauder passed away at the age of 95, but the brand will carry on her name forever.


Aerin stepped into grandmother Estée Lauder's footsteps and founded her very own luxury lifestyle brand named Aerin. Her personal life and passion for flowers, art and traveling is a source of inspiration for the delicious perfumes. Each fragrance contains the most refined ingredients and celebrates femininity in its own way. The perfumes take you on a unique journey and tell their own story. Which one is your ultimate favorite?


MaudeAre you up for something new in the bedroom? Then sexual wellness brand Maude is worth the try. Maude was founded in 2018 by American Éva Goicochea based on the idea that intimate wellness should be accessible to everyone. That's why they sell simple but elegant, well-designed and affordable intimacy essentials ranging from personal massagers to lubricants to make your sexy time a little more fiery. PS: did you know that Dakota Johnson - known from 50 Shades of Grey - is Co-Creative Director?