Celebrate Earth Day with these conscious brands

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to include some responsible brands in your skincare routine? It's more important than ever to be aware of the impact our habits have on the planet, and that includes the skincare we use. Fortunately, our favourite brands have made great strides in their commitment to sustainability in recent years. We show you some of the brands that are proudly breaking new ground in a more sustainable beauty industry.



Ren Clean Skincare

REN Clean Skincare not only has great skin care products, but is also a brand that has proven to care deeply about your skin and the planet. With their motto "Clean to skin. Clean to planet", they have managed to make their entire brand zero waste. With their use of clean ingredients and packaging that is recycled, recyclable and reusable, you can confidently add this brand to your daily routine. Recently, they have even introduced the aluminium sample. Besides being plastic-free, it helps you get more product out of your sample and has a resealable cap!



"Powerful hair care begins with nature." Aveda has always been committed to clean and sustainable beauty, but in 2021, the beauty brand underwent a massive transformation. All of their products - from hair care to makeup - are now 100% vegan. Aveda products are completely plant-based, cruelty-free, and manufactured with 100% renewable wind and/or solar energy. This commitment is further reinforced by their B Corp™ certification and Leaping Bunny certification.



"Clean water and hygiene for all” is the philosophy of Marie-Stella-Maris. The first thing you might notice is their beautifully packaged mineral water, body care and home fragrances. What makes this brand even more beautiful is their commitment to donate to sustainable water projects. They won't stop until clean water is accessible to everyone, worldwide. Is your Marie-Stella-Maris body wash empty? Continue to enjoy your spa experience while reducing waste with their refills.


jane iredale

For years, jane iredale has been creating the purest makeup for your skin. Their mineral makeup contains vitamins, antioxidants, and botanical extracts that nourish, protect, and soothe your skin. Even if your skin is sensitive, you don't have to worry because jane iredale formulas are free from fragrances and irritating fillers, making them safe and effective for all skin types. Moreover, the brand is constantly seeking new ways to reduce their environmental impact. Most products are refillable, they avoid the use of plastic packaging, and recycle wherever possible. This ensures that jane iredale remains true not only to its promise of beauty but also to its commitment to a better environment.




Shiseido promises to do more for the environment with the WASO line. By using local Japanese ingredients, they support local farmers and make their ingredient list traceable. You have probably noticed that the lids of this line look a little different. The beautiful lids are partially made of rice bran, one of the raw materials left over after rice grains are processed. The jars and tubes, on the other hand, are made from 95% recycled plastic. With this line, you support Japanese farmers and the planet!



Declaring its love for the sea, Lancaster has been taking precautions to improve their products since 2018. Recycled packaging and vegan, reef safe formulations are the future of their sun care. They promise to keep you protected with their patented Full Light technology while protecting precious marine life. What is there not to love?