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Help to combat the visible signs of aging and create more youthfully radiant looking skin with Avance DFP 312™ . Once you have tried this powerhouse complex, you will never look back.   New Avance DFP 312™. A one of a kind time-defying cream with three super-smart peptide complexes.   Sun exposure depletes your skin of the vitamins that maintain it's health and youth. By eating a colourful diet you can help to replace these vitamins and improve your skin.
Apply ½ teaspoon of Environ sunscreen, massaging it thoroughly onto the face, neck and décolleté area. Be sure to give it time to absorb before applying foundation or heading outdoors.   If you're battling bad skin days, it's time to adopt a vitamin A skin routine which is proven to have a positive effect on skin! #vitaminA #DrDesFernandes   Fact: Not all skin is equal. Dry skin often shows fine lines at an earlier age than oily skin.
Have you experienced an Environ industry-leading facial? Ask us for more details and call +3232333631 or have a look at https://www.parfuma.com/en/environ-facials   Environ’s industry leading AVST Vitamin Step-Up System keeps skin looking healthy and radiantly beautiful. By replenishing the essential nutrient skin loses every day, it helps to improve skin’s overall appearance and texture.   Sweat contains nutrients that plump up tiny wrinkles and lessens the breakdown of collagen. Working up a sweat can bring about an improved appearance in the vitality, tone and radiance of your skin!
"This gold-plated gizmo is studded with microneedles that painlessly perforate your skin. It's like aerating a garden"   False. It only takes a short time spent in the sun for hyperpigmentation to return to the skin. Apply sun protection everyday and limit your exposure to the sun in order to ensure dark spots do not return.   Though we strongly believe in a good night's rest, sometimes that just doesn't happen. Give your skin a boost with the following routine:

1. Splash face with cold water
2. Gently exfoliate skin
3. Apply an extra hydrating moisturiser
4. Add highlighter to your foundation
Fact: Popping a pimple can cause pus to go deeper into the skin, causing inflammation that can lead to scarring and further pimples.   Through the science of Environ's unique vitamin A complex we're making a lifetime of beautiful skin a reality.   The ageing of skin is predominantly a natural process where over time the skin produces less collagen and oil gland functioning slows. Ageing can however also be affected by lifestyle choices and environmental influences.
Are you new to Environ? We will help you choose the most suitable cocktail of products that will work in synergy with your skin to deliver the best benefits.    UV rays from the sun actually alter how skin cells create chemicals, causing the breakdown of collagen and preventing skin from repairing itself. In fact UV rays account for 80% of skin ageing.


Balance stress-induced hormones by making simple lifestyle changes like regular exercise, healthy eating and good sleeping patterns.

False. While toothpaste can dry out pimples, it is not a recommended technique as it can cause irritation, peeling and redness of the skin.   An active form of Vitamin A, retinoids are some of the most effective anti-ageing ingredients! Here's how to help keep your retinol creams working optimally;

1. Keep retinols out of direct light and ensure the lid is screwed on tightly.
2. On especially hot days, store your cream in the refrigerator or in an air-conditioned room.
3. Never apply a retinol after it's expiry date.
  1. Don't experiment with new skin products or spa treatments just before your wedding.
2. If you're predisposed to skin issues during times of stress, inform your dermatologist who can prescribe medication to prevent breakouts on your big day.
3. Curb consumption of alcohol, salt and spicy foods a week before the wedding as these can irritate skin and cause water retention.
At night our cells go into a state of repair so it's important to ensure you apply your vitamin-enriched Environ moisturisers at night to ensure your skin is properly nourished.   The Environ Revival Masque recently won over expert UK judges who said, “It does exactly what it says on the tin, leaving your skin looking years younger.”   It’s always best to help skin replenish the nutrients it loses to the sun, that’s why we recommend using our AVST Vitamin A,C & E Body Oil post sun exposure.
At Environ we strive on integrity and keeping the meaningful promises we make to our consumers by offering the most effective skin care range that science permits.   Did you know that women have more bony support around their eyes but less oil glands around their mouths than men? This means that women are less susceptible to ageing around the eyes than men but more vunerable to fine lines around the mouth.   Dark circles aren't just caused by a lack of sleep. Ageing, allergies, fluid retention, iron defiencies and medication are all major contributors.
Invest in targeted skin care for the eye area, décolleté and hands to maintain smooth, firm skin.   You're never too young to start caring for your skin! Be honest, how many of you follow this regime on a daily basis?   Age spots are actually a result of years spent in the sun without any sun protection. These spots can easily be treated with high levels of vitamin C and E found in Environ's Evenescence range.
Helping to soothe skin with less visible redness, B-Active Sebuspot is an effective lotion containing Australian tea tree oil and other acne-improving ingredients.   1. Visit us for a skin analysis
2. Consider adding a product from our Intensive range to boost your essential vitamin A moisturiser
3. Treat your skin to a face masque
4. Apply an SPF daily
  Truth: Black heads are actually the cause of excess oil in the skin that turns dark when it is exposed to air and then becomes trapped in one's pores.
Beautiful skin is no longer the result of a rigourous beauty routine. Boost your regime with Avance DFP 312™, our multi-funtional moisturiser that helps to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles by firming and plumping your skin.   For those of you who have been using Environ for a while now, what have you found your favourite Environ product to be? We would love to hear from you!   Tanning booth stores claim to filtrate UVB rays that cause sunburn, yet they expose skin to UVA rays which penetrate deep into skin, encouraging premature ageing and skin cancers.
It's time to start sleeping on your back! The same skin folding caused by facial expressions can also occur when you sleep with your face against a pillow.   A premium selection of step-up serums from level 1 through to 4, the Ionzyme range has higher levels of active vitamins and peptides making it the 1st choice for mature and photo-damaged skin.   1. Apply a soothing, antioxidant gel morning and evening.
2. Apply a vitamin A and peptide moisturiser to the face including the full eye area.
3. On bad skin days apply a cotton pad soaked in green tea to puffy eyes.
Based on more than 30 years of research Dr Des believes that skin can really BE better, not just feel better!