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Shiseido Facials

Shiseido is a pioneer in combining Eastern ethics with Western science. After more than 100 years experience, Shiseido can call itself an expert in cosmetics. Improving the health, beauty and wellness through good skin care is the goal of Shiseido. Shiseido creates textures that are light, which makes the products penetrate the skin immediately. The oriental-inspired aromacology will relax you and enhance the functioning of product. Discover the Shiseido products here! 

All treatments include: Cleaning with milk/foam, nourishing lotion, gentle exfoliation, steam bath, remove impurities, waxing eyebrows, eye and day care. 


Shiseido Skin Perfection Express

± 40min 


Short Facial treatment of 40 minutes with the focus on the cleaning products of Ibuki or Pureness.


Shiseido Skin Perfection

± 1h10min 


Cleansing with the products of the Ibuki range, which ends with a purifying or oxygen enriching alginate mask.


Shiseido Brightening

± 1h10min


Cleansing with the White Lucency care range with an illuminating alginate mask as a valve.


Shiseido Anti-aging Wrinkle

± 1h25min


Purifying and relaxing facial, including a facial massage, with the products of WrinkleResist24 or Benefiance NutriPerfect and relaxing or tightening alginate or Retinol film mask.


Shiseido Anti-aging Lifting

± 1h25min


Cleansing and relaxing treatment with the care of BioPerformance. Includes a custom alginate or Retinol mask, a face-, neck & décolleté massage for an optimal result.


Shiseido Global Anti-aging Future Solution LX

± 1h40min


Very complete luxury facial with products of Future Solution LX. After a gentle cleansing followed by an eye and lipmassage, a face-, neck and décolleté massage, a serum massage, cleavage wrapping and a beneficial exclusive LX Yutaka veil mask. An enchantment for body and mind...