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Mesoestetic Facials

Mesoestetic Behandelingen


The revolutionary Cosmetic range products feature exclusive ingredients that provide targeted answers to your particular needs and skin. Thanks to years of experience and unique expertise, built in advanced laboratories in Barcelona, Mesoestetic can innovate in medical and cosmetic treatments. They meet strict pharmaceutical standards and deliver fast results. In addition to individual, relaxing treatments, we also offer five time cures with prescribed after-care for home.



What seems to be a miracle for one, is a well-kept secret for the other.
Standard included in your treatment: Cleaning with Hydra Milk Cleanser and Hydratonic, Peeling or purifying mask, LED therapy, Crystal Fiber mask and customized massage, day care and UV protection.

ENERGY C | 85 MIN| €130
(CURE X5 | €590 | €60 PROFIT + CREAM FOR HOME T.V.O. €70)
     Illuminating treatment with antioxidants
     Fight against the first wrinkles and fine lines

MESOPEEL | 70 MIN | €100
(CURE X5 | €620 | €45 PROFIT + 4 PRODUCTS FOR HOME T.V.O.  €165)
Professional range of peelings based on hydroacids
     Against wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, couperosis, black circles ...
     Improves the view and stimulates skin rejuvenation

COLLAGEN 360° | 85 MIN | €140
(CURE X5 | €630 | €70 PROFIT + CREAM FOR HOME T.V.O. €82)
     Intensive treatment with marine collagen
     Tightens the skin and reduces fatigue

 MESOÉCLAT | 55 MIN | €150
(CURE X5 | €1000 | €90 PROFIT + 5 PRODUCTS FOR HOME T.V.O.  €340)
     Treatment to stimulate cell renewal
     With anti-aging and lifting effect for a radiant skin

STEM CELL | 85 MIN | €150
(CURE X5 | €675 | €75 PROFIT + CREAM FOR HOME T.V.O. €84)
    Regenerative treatment with plant stem cells
    Restores connective tissue and improves skin quality

M-PEN | 70 MIN | €165
(CURE X5 | €910 | €80 PROFIT + 4 PRODUCTS FOR HOME T.V.O.  €165)
Microneedling Solution with fast visible results
    Against lines, wrinkles, relaxation and stains
    Also to tackle specific areas (eg eyes, mouth)

RADIANCE DNA | 85 MIN | €160
(CURE X5 | €720 | €80 PROFIT + CREAM FOR HOME T.V.O. €87)
     Firming treatment with MesoRecovery Complex®
    Reactivates vital functions and protects against oxidative stress             

 COSMELAN* | 20 MIN | €700
Absolute number 1 in pigmentation treatment worldwide
    Reduces local and external melanin formation
    Especially suitable for women with a pregnancy mask

      *treatment without LED therapy


 LED-THERAPIE | 25 MIN | 1X = €40
(CURE 6X = €210 | 12X = €400)
    Painless solution for a healthier skin and younger appearance
    Reduces fine lines and wrinkles and reduces pores
    Stimulates collagen, tissue repair and detoxification
      Note: Not suitable for epilepsy patients



BODY SHOCK | 55 MIN | €95
(CURE X10 | €990 | €150 PROFIT + 3 PRODUCTS FOR HOME T.V.O. €189)                                     
    Result guaranteed thanks to highly active ingredients 
    Reduces fat and cellulite
    Prevents water retention and improves microcirculation
    Combine with products at home for optimum results

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