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Massages, Peelings & Wrapping

Relaxing Body Massage

± 25 or 55min   

€39 or €74

Classical massage focuses especially on the muscles and blood circulation system. Very relaxing.


Reflexology Massage  

± 15 or 30min    

€22 or €39

Pressure point massage performed on the soles. Ideal in combination with a facial or pedicure.


Back Treatment

± 25min   


Back peeling using rotating brushes, steam bath, remove impurities or massage and mask.


Exfolianting Body Scrub

± 25min      


The entire body is scrubbed and afterwards rehydrated with a body cream for a silky smooth skin.


Body Scrub + Self Tan

± 25min      


The entire body is scrubbed, afterwards rehydrated with a body cream for a silky smooth skin and the application of Tantasia Self-Tan for a golden tinted skin.



Each treatment includes a body scrub + wrap + head massage + body cream rub

Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap

± 55min   


Ideal as a cleansing from within. Improves blood and lymph circulation.


Chocolate Wrap

± 55min    


Relaxing, nourishes the skin. Ideal for treating skin disorders, fatigue, joint pain.


Sea Salt Wrap

± 55min   


Intensive scrub and deep cleansing of the skin.




± 55min   


Massage using pressure and stretching movements to work in on the subtle anatomy of the body. This technique is very relaxing. It makes stress and tension disappear and improves your vitality and digestion. The shiatsu massage relieves back pain and fixes head and other pain, ie it strengthens the body and mind and can prevent common diseases.

Out of respect for the client and the therapist, wearing loose-fitting cotton clothing during a shiatsu is recommended.


Ayurvedic Massage

± 1h25min   


Warm herbal oil is used during this soothing massage. This oil is prepared according to an ancient tradition, which means that the ayurvedic oils are deep acting and healing resources. People with fatigue, stress, overload and other problems of physical and mental discomfort, find great benefit from this massage.


Extra Anti-Stress Massage

± 1h55min   


The extra anti-stress massage is a combination of different techniques. Elaborate attention will be given to increase the immunity, to combat water retention and to eliminate toxins. The spine and abdomen will be thoroughly tackled, and intensive work on the lower back, the sacrum, the loins and the buttocks will be carried out. The massage stimulates and improves your overall wellbeing and is a good investment in your health. Highly recommended!